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FX-PCA+ PCG Controllers
Advanced Application Programmable Controllers

  • Embedded real time clocks supporting onboard:
    • Scheduling
    • Alarming
    • Trending
  • A more economical offering for stand-alone
    equipment control on less complex projects (no supervisory controller)
  • Supports N2Open and BACNet

FX-PCV  VAV Box Controllers

  • Control logic is fully programmable with FX-PCT Software
    • Adaptive control with automatic tuning
  • BACnet MS/TP FC Bus for integration with FX Supervisory Controllers and other 3rd party BACnet devices
  • Supports FX-ZFR Wireless System (Supports One-to-One Wireless Sensing System

Network Sensors with Occupancy Detection
Utilizing Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Detection Technology

  • Accurately detects when a space is in use
  • Occupancy detection is better (saves more energy) than time-based occupancy scheduling

Wireless Transmitter is Decoupled from the Temperature Sensor

  • Expands wireless application possibilities

FX-PCT Programming & Commissioning Tool

  • Configuring Controllers is easy with selectable applications.
  • No-Line Coding required
  • Customizable applications
  • A System Selection Wizard for Simple Central Plant application well-suited for controlling a single chiller and boiler


varasys VERASYS offers customers in the light commercial market a flexible, solution with advanced technology already embedded for the self-discovery of Smart Controls. Suitable for single- or multi-zone applications, the new controls system seamlessly connects to a vast range of mechanical and electrical equipment, controls and sensors using wireless configurations that result in cost savings. Verasys accomplishes this without requiring any special programming tools, ensuring low installation costs.

 Main System Components


vec VEC Equipment Controller
Control your main ventilation equipment by configuring the device for pressure independent (VAV) or pressure dependent (COBP) applications. Provides conditioned air flow and temperature to the comfort zones.
 zec ZEC Zone and ByPass Controllers
Separate models for VAV box control and COBP zone control. Models available with and without integrated actuators.
 tec TEC3600 Series Configurable Thermostats
For simple control of rooftops the series TEC3600 can be used and configured using the large, easy to navigate screen.
 vzc VZC Zone Controller
Connect your network using the VZC which acts as gateway to the equipment controllers and the SmartHub.
 input output Input Output Module
Expand your system with these handy modules to do simple control logic such as lighting ,heating and cooling applications
 input output SmartHuB
Bring a unique and simple user experience for the operators with the SmartHub. Activates wired and wireless access to the systems for mobile and local browsers.



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N2 Controllers


Metasys N2 Field Controls

Whether you are maintaining or upgrading your system, Yorkland controls provides the product and support for all Classic Metasys N2 Controls.



The DX9100 is considered the “work horse” of the N2 family of Johnson field controllers. The Dx1900 is applied on larger Air handlers, and control of central heating and cooling plants. The DX9100 is programmed and commissioned using graphic logic blocks found in the M-Tool software suite.



Unlike the DX9100, the Application Specific, or “AS” family of controllers are configured, rather than programmed. There are various models of controls matched for various applications such as, rooftop control, ventilation, Fan Coils and many others. Configuration is through the a set of questions and answers found in the HVACPRO application in the M-Tool software suite.



The AP-VMA is an integrated actuator and controller for pressure dependent or pressure independent applications. Using HVACPRO the device is configured for constant volume zoning applications as well as variable air volume.



M-Tool is the software suite used to program DX9100 controllers and configure Application Specific Johnson field controllers. The suite also includes N30/N31 supervisory controller setup software.



To download a controller program in to a field controller, various interfaces are used depending on the requirement. For example, AS-CABLEPRO is used to download configurations directly to Application Specific "AS" and AP-VMA controllers while a Null-Modem cable is used to download Dx9100 application files. Contact our technical support team to get advice on what interfaces and cables are available.


N30/N31 Supervisory Control

The N30/N31 Supervisory Controller can be used to manage a control network of Johnson n2 Controllers. The Controller is used in applications where not more than 800 points are required for the N30 to manage. The N30/31 is configured using M-Tool


The TEC2100 series of thermostats function on the Metasys N2 network. Single stage and multistage models are available, including Heatpump and now full economizer control. The thermostat replaces the previous TEC1100 models. Remote sensors may be connected for both indoor and outdoor sensing. Other features include: additional inputs for filter and service alarms, Locking keypad, Adjustable temporary occupancy, frost protection and anti-short cycle timers. The TEC2100 are priced economically.

Visit ourtraining registration pagefor Metasys Field Controller training.

System 450

Modular Electronic Control Systems
Yorkland Stocks the System 450 modular controls, sensors and accessories.
Contact Yorkland Controls , 1.877.733.3833

MECSThe Johnson Controls/PENN System 450 Series is a small, versatile family of compact, multipurpose, digital electronic control, expansion, and power modules.  System 450 modules provide accurate, reliable On/Off and analog control of temperature, pressure and humidity conditions for a wide variety of HVACR and commercial/industrial process applications. The System 450 control system is designed to replace System 350™ control system and System 27 and provide many additional features and benefits with less than a dozen model variations. 


  • Durable, compact modular design with plug-together connectors and DIN rail or direct wall mount capability – eliminates field wiring between modules and allows you to quickly and easily assemble, install, and upgrade your System 450 control systems.
  • Multi-purpose, field-configurable modules designed for global use – enable you to design and configure a wide variety of custom control systems capable of controlling temperature, pressure and humidity (simultaneously), with only a handful of models.
  • Backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and four-button touch pad User Interface (UI) – provides quick, clear, visual status of the control system’s input sensors and outputs with the touch of a button and enable you to quickly and easily set up and adjust the sensors and outputs in the field.
  • Up to three input sensors and up to ten outputs (relay or analog) – allow you to build both simple and complex applicationspecific control systems and reduce your costs to only the required components.
  • Versatile, all-in-one, stand-alone control modules – provide multipurpose On/Off or analog controls (depending on the model) that are temperature, pressure, and humidity capable out-of-the-box and field configurable to replace a wide variety of HVACR controls.
  • An extensive suite of compatible temperature, pressure, and humidity control sensors – cover a wide range of temperature, pressure (air and refrigerant), and humidity conditions in standard units of measurement. 

JohnsonControls-System450Communication now available in ethernet and Modbus

The popular System 450 is now available in communicating modules for easy easier setup and communications. Available in Modbus and Ethernet for control of HVAC equipment. Analogue and relay control available

Application Notes can be downloaded here.

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Mobile Access Point

Mobile Access Point by Johnson Controls (MAP)

Mobile Access Point Web Server

The web server that fits in your pocket, or on your control systems and equipment. The Johnson Controls MAP is a pocket-sized, portable or permanently-mounted web server that automatically discovers all the connected devices in your system. The secure, built-in wireless access point serves up a mobile-optimized user interface through your smart phone, tablet or computer's web browser. The navigation is intuitive, giving you on-the-spot, remote access to equipment and system data. From anywhere, at anytime

TEC3300 series N2 Bacnet

The new TEC3300 series N2/Bacnet Thermostats are perfect for customers who would like offer a remote communications solution with packaged rooftop thermostats.

Mobile Access Point by Johnson Controls

VERASYS offers customers in the light commercial market a flexible, solution with advanced technology already embedded for the self-discovery of Smart Controls. Suitable for single- or multi-zone applications, the new controls system seamlessly connects to a vast range of mechanical and electrical equipment, controls and sensors using wireless configurations that result in cost savings.Verasys accomplishes this without requiring any special programming tools, ensuring low installation costs.